How to find Cheap Auto Insurance In Texas?

Buying your very first car can mean so much. It is a pleasurable and a treasured phase in life! But, to keep this joy going – you should buy Cheap Auto Insurance in Texas too! Many new car owners find insurance policies expensive and tacky. You need lots of important documents and a steady source of income to avail insurance scheme. And, while hunting for cheap auto insurance in the city, you should look for deals and discounts. With this being said, here are few deals and discounts to help you with low premiums and sensible deductibles.

Compare Rates

When you look for cheap auto insurance in Texas at, compare as many rates as possible. Compare the rates of different car models and makes. As you identify a car that falls in line with your budget, you should compare it against premium options. These policies differ in costs because of repair charges, likelihood of theft and safety records.

Avoid Gaps

To save more, you should avoid big gaps in coverage. If you are trying to shift between policies – think twice! Try to stay completely covered. If there are insurance lapses, your premiums are bound to become higher. So, never forget or skip premium payments!

Maintain a Good Credit Score

The bond between credit scores and insurance policies is inevitable. All insurance companies look for clients with sound credit scores. They determine your policy rates with these credit scores in mind. Insurance companies like this believe that people with poor credit ratings are likely to make claims. This is why you should maintain a good credit record.

Improve your Driving Record

Do you know that people who drive less are eligible for cheap auto insurance in Texas? A lot of insurance providers have special low mileage discounts for drivers who travel less. If you drive few miles every year, you will be eligible for very low insurance policies. Likewise, people who drive safely can avoid accidents the right away. Try to avoid speeding tickets and driving techniques that can cause accidents. Remember that rash driving can increase your insurance cost by 40%!

Ask for High Deductibles

When you buy cheap auto insurance in Texas, make sure you ask for high deductibles. The best way to cut down premiums is by increasing your deductible. In case you face an accident, you should pay the deductible out of your pocket.

Canberra SSFIV Casuals Saturdays – Ongoing Event

We hold Super Street Fighter 4 casuals and ranbats most Saturdays. Registration is required so we can prepare setups and what not.

Sessions go from 10am – 4.30pm and is $2 at the door

Food and drink is on you but we usually order pizza



Hey guys, a post to update and let you all know that Marty and myself (bon) will be running Ozhadou Regionals Canberra on the 1st of May, 2011. Check out the thread in the forums as well!

The Location will be the Good Games store located in Conder (south south Canberra for those not in the know). The location is spacious and roomy, has drinks/snack foods on site (for you hungry gamers), and has incredibly friendly staff. I strongly urge you to check the shop out!

There will be a Super Street Fighter IV (SSF4) tournament and a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (MVC3) tournament, which will seed the winners (top 3) into OHN9. How cool is that? Even cooler still, is that the winners of SSF4 @ OHN9 and MVC3 @ OHN9 will get a plane ticket to EVO 2011. Wow!

The tournaments will be Double Elimination affairs, with entry @ $15 dollars per event. Please note, these will benon-profit, as all proceeds will go to A) OHN to fund plane tickets, B) Recoup our financial losses in advertising and hiring a venue, and C) Prize payout for the tournaments.

Once again guys, we are running casuals out of The Basement (cool name eh -_-) @ marty’s, so please come, bring your friends and family and have a blast!

We’re lucky enough to be able to share this common interest, so lets make the effort together and try to build a real scene.

Here are some fliers. Please feel free to print them off and place them around the shop, and if your interested in doing that speak to either Marty or myself and we’ll hook you up with some of them.